• Bathroom Renovations

      Bathroom Renovations

      Renovate your bathroom with Unique Bathrooms to experience the home you have always dreamed about for a more affordable rate than ever!

    • Ensuite Renovations

      Ensuite Renovations

      Ensuite renovations are becoming more and more popular as people are wanting newer items and designs in the bathroom they use the most.

    • Laundry Renovations

      Laundry Renovations

      Laundry renovations can help you create space that wasn’t available before and make your property more practical.

    • Kitchen Renovations

      Kitchen Renovations

      Unique Bathrooms started doing kitchen renovations to cater the number of requests their clients had for the service.

    • General Renovations

      General Renovations

      We may specialise in bathroom and kitchen renovations but that doesn’t mean we can take on any of your other renovation projects as well.

    • Structural Renovations

      Structural Renovations

      There are some renovations that you can DIY or use less experienced renovators for, structural work isn’t it. Can us for expert advice.

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