Modern Trends for Bathroom Transformation

Modern Trends for Bathroom Transformation

Metal Finishes

Bathrooms will become more vibrant with raw metal finishes becoming very popular amongst people looking to stand out from the crowd. The raw finishes are a way that you can give you bathroom a different look and feel!

Slimline Edges

Consumers are starting to look for a slimline profile to give their bathrooms a modern look and feel. This is a big shift from the previously seen thicker edges we saw previously.

Earth Colours

Bathrooms have been moving away from the traditional white for some time now. We will start seeing more and more of the pastel colours over the coming year and this includes the blues, greens, and other traditionally not seen colours.


Matte has been around for ages but it is really starting to become the industry standard. Benefits are that it is easier to maintain and keep looking fresh!

Freestanding Baths Aren’t Going Anywhere

The recent shift towards freestanding baths as they became more affordable has really taken over. These are now a standard feature of any bathroom renovation company.

Variety of Material

We are starting to see more and more different material whether it be the increasing use of raw looking hardwood or the increase in copper, consumers are looking to make their bathrooms stand out by using different materials.

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